SportVis™ obtains the CE-mark

SportVis™ has been granted CE-mark under the classification of class III medical device by the Notify Body Kema Quality B.V.. SportVis™ relieves pain and optimises recovery of the ankle following 1st or 2nd degree sprain.

SportVis™ first clinical study publication

SportVis™ first randomised, double blind clinical study including 158 patients was published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. It demonstrated the efficacy of SportVis™ for treating acute grade 1 or 2 lateral ankle sprains, and showed a significant reduction in the time taken to return to pain-free and disability-free activity compared to the placebo group.
See the abstract.

MDT Int’l SA is incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland

MDT Int’l SA has been incorporated in The Registre du Commerce de Genève, Switzerland. MDT Int’l SA is dedicated to the development of medical devices used in a number of specialised therapeutic areas such as orthopaedic, soft tissue recovery.

Development and integration of an ISO Quality Management System (Q.M.S.)

Always keen to increase the quality of its products and to improve the relationship with its partners, MDT Int’l SA is setting up a Quality Management Sytem based on ISO 13485:2003 norm.

SportVis™ launched in three countries

MDT Int’l SA is proud to announce the launch of its first innovative class III medical device SportVis™ for reducing pain and optimising recovery of first and second degree ankle sprain in 3 European countries: Germany, Ireland and Greece. For more information, you can email us at: info@sportvis.eu.

SportVis™ launched in one additional country

MDT Int’l SA is happy to announce that SportVis™ has been launched in Czech Republic this month. For more information, you can email us at: info@sportvis.eu or our partner website: www.sportvis.cz.

MDT Int’l SA has been granted ISO 13485:2003 certification

MDT Int’l SA has undergone and passed the necessary audit conducted by KEMA Quality B.V. for ISO 13485:2003 certification. The original certificate was received on 4th August 2008 and will be valid to 1st July 2011.

PDF - 105.5 kb
ISO 13485 certificate for MDT Int’l SA
This ISO 13485 certificate was issued by Kema Quality B.V.

New product receives CE Mark

A new patented & innovative orthopaedic product that will be commercialised by MDT Int’l SA in the next few months has been granted the CE Mark by the notified body “Kema Quality B.V”. The indication is "Solution for relief fo symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee by providing support and lubrication to the knee."

If you would like more information about this product, please contact us at info@mdtint.ch.

RenehaVis™ at EULAR 2009

RenehaVis™ launched in 3 countries

RenehaVis™ is now available in Italy, Czech Republic and Turkey.
For more information on who your local distributor is, please click on contact us and leave us a message.

New Video - Real Life Practice Injection of Ankle

Video can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Congresses in June

MDT will be attending 2 congresses in June:

EFORT 2010

European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Location: Madrid, Spain

Date: 2nd to 5th June


EULAR 2010

European League Against Rheumatism

Location:Rome, Italy

Date:16th to 19th June

Please make a prior appointment if you might like to speak to one of our representatives at the stand.


New Video - Real Life Practice Injection of Elbow

Video showing the administration of SportVis™ in an elbow.

Publication of RenehaVis long term data (104 weeks)

More information can be found at RenehaVis website under the studies section.

SportVis™ and RenehaVis™ obtain Drug Tariff Listing in UK

The NHS Drug Tariff & Rules Team confirms that as of April 2012, both SportVis™ and RenehaVis™ will be included within Drug Tariff Part IX.

SportVis™ and RenehaVis™ in MIMS (UK)

MDT is proud to announce that both SportVis™ and RenehaVis™ are currently being on MIMS (UK) under section NEWS subsection NEW DRUGS.